I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, so I’ve decided it’s about time for you guys to get to know me a little bit better, so I came up with 50 RANDOM FACTS about me, so you can get to know me better!

Hope you enjoy!


50  Random Facts

  1. I am 23 years old.
  2. I am a Scorpio.
  3. I was born and raised in Riga, Latvia, a little country in Eastern Europe, which used to be a part of USSR.
  4. I speak three languages – Russian, English and Latvian.
  5. I have moved to the UK at the age of 19.
  6. I am going to become a Bachelor of Honours in Public Relation this upcoming summer.
  7. I got my first job at the age of 13 and have been working since then.
  8. I’ve got 1 tattoo and it’s a geometric wolf on my forearm.
  9. I have been studying in three different schools during twelve years of high school.
  10. I have been learning French for two years during my school years and all I can say is | je m’appelle Anna | and | Comment ça va, ça va bien |.
  11. My favourite colour is grey.
  12. I don’t have any siblings.
  13. My favourite country is America and I really want to move there one day.
  14. My favourite flowers are peonies, lilies and roses.
  15. I am 5’5 or 165cm tall.
  16. I am right-handed.
  17. I have been blogging for 2 years.
  18. I have a very bad vision (-3), so I have to wear glasses or contacts, but I am planning on doing laser in the next few years time.
  19. Coats and shoes are my two favourite things in fashion and I probably buy at least one of each every month.
  20. I love sea and the beach, but prefer to swim in the pool, because salty water really irritates my skin and my eyes.
  21. Sex and the City is my all time favourite TV show and I have watched all 6 seasons about 4 times and will probably continue to watch it again and again for the rest of my life.
  22. I don’t ever watch TV.
  23. I am obsessed with coffee.
  24. I am also obsessed with avocado.
  25. And tomatoes.
  26. My go-to makeup look is a cat eye and a red lip.
  27. I was born with asthma.
  28. I have never had a dog or a cat in my life and once I am settled down I want to get a doggy.
  29. I am very scared of heights, but like to challenge myself and do rock climbing from time to time.
  30. I love tennis, but I am very bad at it.
  31. New York is my favourite city.
  32. I can’t live without chocolate.
  33. I am constantly thirsty and drink around 3l of water every single day.
  34. I still don’t drive.
  35. In all three languages that I speak I am a terrible speller and if an auto correct would not exist I would probably not be able to write.
  36. I have been a pescetarian for almost four years and I highly doubt that I will ever start eating meat again.
  37. When I was young I was not able to say letter “R” correctly, so I had to go to a speech therapist for two years.
  38. I don’t smoke.
  39. I am very scared of all sorts of bugs, including butterflies.
  40. I am a morning person.
  41. I have a love\hate relationship with sleep, I obviously enjoy doing it, but hate wasting my time on sleep, knowing that I could be doing other things.
  42. One thing I absolutely love doing is laughing, when with the right people I can probably giggle all day long.
  43. I am a terrible liar, if I am going to try and lie to you, you will probably be able to tell that I am lying in the first couple of seconds.
  44. I am very bad with directions and I can’t do maps.
  45. I have never been to a concert.
  46. I hate staying in the same place for a long time, so I love to move prom place to place, I would probably move from country to country all the time if I could.
  47. I am such a city girl, I hate small towns and am in a constant need of a big city buzz.
  48. I like peanut butter, but definitely prefer an almond butter.
  49. Instagram is my favourite social media platform ever ( you should follow me- @worldofannna).
  50. It took me 2h to come up with these 50 facts about me and after about 20 of them I found it very hard to come up with new facts about me.


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