Dusty Memories

Hi guys, how do you feel about memories? Do you prefer to keep it all in you head or do you like to capture your dusty memories on paper and look at those through the old pictures?

I used to think that I don’t really need pictures to remember moments of my life, I was so wrong thinking that my memories will stay the same over the years and won’t fade away. I wish I had more pictures to look at when being a teenager. I seem to have a lot of pictures from my younger years, thanks to my mommy of course, but then once I turned about 13, I probably thought I was too cool to capture those precious moments that will never come back. I know they say that we are way to addicted to our phones these days, but on a brighter side, we always have a camera to capture our memories, it used to be a lot harder, I am sure that all of those 90’s babies and below can relate. Pictures mostly were taken on special occasions, and you had to print them out before you can actually see them, it was kind of cool, once you have pressed that button, there is no way back, no editing, no filters, all raw and real.

I am glad though, I’ve changed my mind and now have plenty of memories saved on my laptop and of course here on my blog. It will be so much fun to look back at my articles in 20 years time. Even thinking about the time makes me feel very weird, I don’t particularly look forward to growing old, I mean, who does? It’s great being young, knowing that everything is possible right here and right now.

What ever it is, make it happen!


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